Swindon fundraisers ride 300 miles to support Alzheimer’s charity

A Swindon couple have returned from an epic 300 mile bike ride to raise funds for an Alzheimer’s charity in the name of a close relative suffering with the disease.

Scott Thompson, 24, and girlfriend Levi Caviell, 21, set off from Swindon on August 27 and arrived in Land’s End, aching and tired, a week later.

The pair, who live near the town centre, rode for the Alzheimer’s Society after Levi wanted to do something for her grandma, Cheryl Rowlands, 68, who suffers from the disease.

Swindon fundraisers ride 300 miles for the Alzheimer's Society

Levi Caviell and Scott Thompson with their bikes

Levi, who works at the newly opened designer store Flannels, said: “Nan fell ill with Alzheimer’s at quite a young age and I wanted to help her because I don’t get to see her that often.

“It means the world to me to say I achieved something like this and it has taught me that we don’t appreciate what we have until it is gone.”

Scott, who works as a plasterer, described the challenge as “the toughest thing either of us has ever done”.

He said: “Some days we would ride five miles and it seemed like the hardest thing ever, and on other days we would do more yet it would seem easier.

“It was the first big bike ride we have ever done. We did a few test runs beforehand, but soon realised that we hadn’t trained enough.”

They are not sure exactly how much they have managed to raise for the Alzheimer’s Society, but Scott reckons it will be somewhere in the region of £2,000 when all donations are in.

“The whole family has been really supportive and it has made me think about doing more for charity in the future,” said Levi.

The trip took 316 miles in total. At one point the pair got lost and ended up cycling over Dartmoor Moor, something they both found particularly challenging.

They pitched a tent when the weather was nice and stayed in B&Bs on the nights it was bad.

They reached Land’s End at around 8pm on Monday night and caught the train back to Swindon the next day, arriving home on Tuesday evening.

Scott’s mum Kim Thompson, 50, said: “It is a fantastic achievement. They had no previous experience and just wanted to do as much as they could to help Levi’s nan.

“I feel really proud and I’m chuffed to bits for them, I think they have done amazing. It is a big thing to take on when you are not used to cycling.

“I’m just glad they're both back home safe.”

Article by Thomas Haworth, courtesy of www.thisiswiltshire.co.uk

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