#sharetheorange says Christopher Eccleston

"What on earth do oranges have to do with Alzheimer's?....." was my initial thought when I came across this video clip.
But I have to admit it caught my attention. And to that purpose, it's doing its job nicely.

Alzheimer's Research UK are out to tackle head-on the myth that dementia is just a normal part of ageing, and instead increase public understanding that dementia is caused by physical diseases that, with greater research, can be tackled and perhaps eventually cured.

To get their message across in the clearest, most thought provoking way, they've teamed up with award-winning actor, Christopher Eccleston, along with Aardman Animation (the makers of Wallace and Gromit), and creative agency ais London to create this 90 second film.

The film was launched last week on Facebook, as part of a new digital campaign by the charity, with people being urged to #sharetheorange.

“Animation is a great way of communicating difficult messages, delivering them in an easily understandable and memorable way', says Heather Wright, Executive Producer at Aardman. "Using the orange as a metaphor for the brain makes this film very strong because the idea and the execution work perfectly together.”

The hope is that by making the condition easier to understand, the public will get behind the campaign to find a cure within our lifetime, in much the same way people have rallied to the support of Cancer , Heart disease, and AIDS charities in recent years.

Christopher Eccleston, whose father died following a 14 year battle with vascular dementia, and is a staunch supporter of the charity stresses...

Christopher Eccleston

“We have to think differently about dementia. We have to stop believing dementia is an inevitability; something that simply happens to us all as we grow older. If we don’t, we’re never going to truly fight it.

“Dementia is caused by diseases and diseases can be beaten. We’ve tamed diseases like cancer and heart disease and a diagnosis of either is no longer a certain death sentence. People with dementia deserve this same hope. This film aims to show that dementia is caused by physical processes that scientists can put a stop to.

“While scientists fight dementia in the lab, by sharing the film anyone can fight the misunderstanding and fatalism that surrounds dementia in our society.”

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