How you could help dementia research

As the number of families affected by dementia grows ever greater, public awareness of the need to prioritise dementia research is at last coming to the fore. And Government pledges, championed by David Cameron​, to identify a cure or disease modifying treatment by 2025, is now helping to increase the impetus for new research. 

Recruiting willing research volunteers

Although dementia charities report more people willing to take part in research than ever before, researchers still find recruiting volunteers time consuming and expensive. Professor Rowan Harwood, Dementia researcher at the University of Nottingham explains, 

"A big issue is that data protection laws do not allow researchers to approach people with dementia directly - we need your permission to be told what diagnoses you might have, and in many respects that is very wise. But it does prevent research."

Join Dementia Research

To make the process much easier, the NHS has launched Join Dementia Research - a website designed to encourage people to take part in research studies and make it much easier to match volunteers with potential research projects.

The short NHS video clip below explains more...

Researchers are always in need of volunteers. Whether you have a diagnosis of dementia or are fit and healthy, you may be able to help.

For further information, click here to visit the Join Dementia Research website.

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